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Uniquely Yours

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Email: Info@InvitingMemories.com

Quality is of utmost importance to us.  We guarantee you will be impressed with the beauty, clarity and strength of our invitations, announcements, and cards. 

Strong and rigid—not flimsy

So many of our competitors offer a simple, flimsy one-layer card.  This is not our vision.  Our products typically layer two or more beautiful, hand-selected papers together.  The bonding and assembly process (which you DO NOT have to do) creates an incredibly rigid, impressive and permanent product.

Painstakingly hand-assembled for you

We fully assemble each product for you.  As these products are made by hand, slight variations may occur.  Ribbon cuts, embellishment placement, and even some paper cuts may have the slightest differences. 

Pictures are welcome and encouraged

We love to work with pictures.  Some of our best design ideas start with a picture.  If you want to include one on any product, just let us know!  Please keep in mind that professional photos are property of the photographer and you must get permission to reprint them. 

Ribbon, Eyelets, Charms, Dimensional Stickers, and more!

We love to try new embellishments.  Ribbon is a favorite, of course, but we also love eyelets (they come in many shapes), charms, and dimensional stickers.  Check out our Birthday Party, Graduation and Baptism sections on the Samples page to see some of these great ideas!


· Color and Custom Matched

· Printed Envelopes—We’ll even do the delivery addresses for you!

One of the most important parts to the perfect invitation is the envelope.  It’s the first impression a person gets.  Most places offer a plain white envelope with every product.  They buy these in bulk and offer them very cheap.  We custom match your envelopes to your product.  It makes a world of difference, we’re sure you’ll agree!  Top it off with our address printing.  We’ll print in color if works with your item.  We’ll even print the delivery addresses for you!

Thousands of color options & hundreds of typestyles

We offer thousands of color options and hundreds of typestyles—perfectly matched to the papers hand-picked for you.  We feel it is far too difficult to choose from a small list of colors or typestyles.  We work with you to choose the perfect combination for your needs.  You won’t find our typestyles or colors displayed online because there are just too many.  Trust that we will find the right match for you!